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So, remember when it came out, as part of the airing of dirty laundry that accompanied the demise of 38 Studios, that Curt Schilling had chosen to use $4 million of Rhode Island’s $75 million loan to pay himself rather than make payroll? Seemed pretty selfish, right? 

Well, #38 is about to get $2.4 million worth of comeuppance. It seems that when 38 Studios took out a loan from Citizens Bank as a security deposit on its offices, Schilling personally guaranteed the money. Now that 38 Studios is no more, Citizens Bank is suing Schilling for the money, and asking the courts to freeze Schilling’s assets until he returns it.

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Schilling is worth north of $100 million, so $2.4 mil ain’t breaking his bank (which probably has the number 38 on its door), but it ain’t nothing, either, especially as Schilling has invested $38 million of his own money into his now non-existent company. I decline to do the research, but I’m going to go ahead and assume its offices were on the 38th floor of 3800 W 38th St., Suite 2 (for two World Championships), and that Schilling will eventually be charged with 38 counts of being an asshat.

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